About Us

Dmak Precious Mines AG offers a wide range of services in mining sector, including trading operations, project development, and advisory services in mining sector.

Dmak Precious Mines AG provides professional advisory services to support all aspects of mining development activities, whether you're looking for a single solution to a specific problem or a comprehensive full-service package.


The company started its activity in 2016, using the innovative and  scientific technologies while keeping track of current developments in key segments of the mine activity in the World.

For shortly time, the other network companies in mining sector activities develop in the countries like England, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo , Guinea, Mali and Turkey.


Mission and strategy

Our principe is to provide first class services and first class solutions.

Our mission reflects our vision that our work should be based on our values that are the face of our company.

Based on the highest level of quality of our work and objectives aimed at success and leadership, we strive to create a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our Global Goals

Dmak Precious Mines AG focused on expanding its presence in countries in Africa region, Asia and around the world and develops its activities on existing and developing projects and implements an effective strategic partnership across the world.


Dmak Precious Mines AG develops its activities on existing and developing projects and implements an effective strategic partnership across the world.


The company started its activity in 2016, using the successful launch of innovative and high scientific potential while keeping track of current developments in key segments of the mine activity.


Scope of services of PraeGold

    • Consulting services for organization, planning and management of the organization's activities


Optimization of key technological processes and improvement of economic effects of production and trade activities of clients in all areas.

  • Legal support of the company's procedures

Support of economic activity organizations in mining sectors  in full range, including the preparation of the necessary documentation to ensure the proper conduct of legal procedures, consulting on the application of law globally .

  • Audit of Production activities

The production audit provided by PraeGold sets the goal of the service to provide the correct analysis and evaluation of the mine production process in order to optimize the quality of the production activity, its efficiency and efficiency of financial investments, reasonable and efficient use of the customer's facilities

  • Reducing risks in the field of environmental protection

Based on the fact that effective management of the Company's activities affects our environment, the importance of this task determines the services aimed at improving approaches to environmental management and increasing the scale of environmental measures and the necessary costs for protecting the environment in the activities of clients

  • Geological and economic audit and expertise

Technical assessment (construction and technological) of investment projects;

Monitoring of investment projects;

Technological and price audit of large investment projects

Due Diligence Valuation of resources and reserves;

Geological-geological and economic audit and expertise of deposits;

Technical and financial evaluation


  • Development of concepts and projects evaluation and Feasibility study of mining operations

PrаeGold team will help in integrating feasibility studies, develop economic assessments and risk assessments. Our job is to provide you with a deep understanding of technical issues within the relevant business context.

Optimization of the project development plan while minimizing risks aims to correctly substantiate the base cost of its clients' project on the basis of deep analysis and interpretation with the purpose of supporting key design decisions and development strategies. Follow best practices and

Combine the know-how along with the innovative application of advanced technologies in the mono sector at the international level.

By providing a full range of services, including survey studies, preliminary feasibility studies, as part of the international network, our clients can access many global experts that complement local expertise with geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, mining, metallurgical, mining and environmental and social skills in accordance with the specific tasks of your project.

  • International Trade Activities

Uniqueness of Dmak Precious Mines AG Services in the mining sector of the economy are specific for objective reasons, therefore Dmak Precious Mines AG has worked out strict principles of cooperation and the most effective ways to resolve any emerging situations in the sphere of activity of our clients, companies around the world in accordance with the laws of a specific country.


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