DMAK PRECIOUS MINES AG as an international mining company, has been operating in Ghana and is legally incorporated, recognized and honored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Republic of Ghana and other authorized Departments for its dedicated work and publications regarding the gemstones mining.

D-Mak Precious Mining Company A.S. provides a legally and licensed mining platform (sites) for precious and semi-precious stone’s mining in Ghana.
Ghana with having rich and wealthy underground resources is one of the world’s best investment platforms for underground resources. Investment in Ghana’s underground resources on the one hand provides job opportunities for thousands of young people in the country and will pave the path for economic prosperity of Ghana, and on the other hand it provides enriched and profitable business opportunities for international investors in the Country. Therefore, the demand for mining, especially for the companies that operate in this field, has increased rapidly.

DMAK PRECIOUS MINES AG with having an active management, educated, experienced and well-trained technical stuff is passionate to work and cooperate with individual and entities interested in the mining field.



P. O. Box 44 Okufu River Street Kibi Ghana

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